Best Budget Gaming Headphones Under ₹2,000


Budget gaming headphones are something which needs a lot of research to find the perfect products. That is partly due to the fact that there are abundant cheap gaming headphones, but finding something which is actually worth the price is the real deal. If you are looking to buy the best gaming headset for cheap and under 2k (2000 INR), and need something which is easily available on Amazon, don’t worry, we have got you covered

Redgear Comet 7.1

    Redgear is a gaming company best known for making quality budget gaming products. The Redgear Comet 7.1 comes with a Virtual 7.1 surround sound and a customization driver. Noise Cancellation Feature of Redgear Comet is a plus point for gamers. The headphone RGB effects can be personalized using the RedGear software. It weighs around 530 grams. As far as the comfort level is concerned, it is much better than its predecessors. There are 7 customizable LED modes.
    • Audio Quality: The Comet 7.1 has very little to no problem related to the distortion.
    • Mic Quality: The Mic has a pretty loud gain which can be reduced.
    • Comfort Level: As far as the comfort level is concerned, it is much better than its predecessors released by RedGear in the same price range.
    • Build: The build is tough and durable with a metallic frame however the earcups may show signs of wear and tear


The EKSA E800 gaming headset is an incredible option for anyone who wants to be fully immersed in a game. These are one of the best selling headphones on amazon in this price segment and they really do live up to their expectations. The Eksa e800 comes with an led ring around the ear cups and the tip of the mic you can illuminate it with the provided USB cable, it makes these headphones stand out and give cool funky look to it. 

    • Audio Quality: The audio quality is pretty good, the sound is clear without any distortion. The  3D sound works perfectly. It provides an immersive experience and helps you figure out the direction of your enemy.
    • Mic Quality: The mic quality is decent it does its job well the sound output is clear your sound won’t get muffled or distorted. The provided noise cancellation is pretty average but still, it gets rid of most of the unwanted sounds.
    • Comfort level: the comfort level on these headphones is really good it comes with soft cushion ear pads with a leatherette covering, the headband provided also has some amount of padding and it’s an adjustable elastic headband which secures the headphones nicely and provides great comfort for longer gaming sessions.
    • Build: The Eksa E800 boasts a unibody metal design which makes the headphone sturdy and rigid it won’t fall apart any time sooner.

Kotion Each G2000 Edition

Kotion Each never fails to deliver good quality products at an affordable price point. The G2000 isn’t an exception, it comes loaded with a High precision 50mm magnetic neodymium driver, Glaring LED lights which make the headphones a little more appealing.

    •  Audio Quality: The 50mm neodymium driver never fails to satisfy the user it provides a great audio experience with clear sound and a lot of bass.
    • Mic Quality: the microphone provided does a decent job in eliminating the ambient noises, the sound output is good 
    • Comfort Level: these headphones offer an amazing comfort level You could freely change size or adjust the size of these headphones as they are very nimble. The ear cups provided are made out of soft cushion with a leatherette covering so is the case with the headband it comes with ample padding this makes the headphones comfortable for a longer gaming session.
    • Build: the headphones seem pretty much durable though they are flexible and can be twisted and turned they don’t seem like they are going to fall apart easily and Kotion has a perfect product inspection system and a group of the professional inspector and specialized test equipment. all random samples need to pass the pull test of 3Kg, 3000 times of swing test. So you can be rest assured about their build quality.

Cosmic Byte G3300

The cosmic byte G3300 comes with a cool looking RGB led ring around both the ear cups which makes it stand out from the competition. It also comes with a good quality braided cable which is a rare thing in this price segment. 

  • Audio Quality: they come with a 50mm driver which gives a good sound output with a tad bass heaviness but considering the price point they do perform pretty good
  • Mic Quality: the provided microphone does a great job in eliminating ambient noises but at the cost of sound quality the sound tends to be a tad muffled, though clear.
  • Comfort Level: the G3300 comes with a soft PU leather ear pads which are quite comfortable even the headband is made out of the same PU leather and is an elastic band which ensures a snug fit and comfort for long hour gaming sessions.
  • Build: They are built quite well it has a metallic frame which ensures the sturdiness and longevity of these headphones. The braided cable also ensures that the cable won’t break any time soon.


Redgear Thunder-B 7.1

Redgear is a budget-oriented brand that strives to provide good quality products at an affordable price point. The Thunder-B 7.1 comes with a 7.1 surround sound experience it also boasts a 7 colored led which keeps on changing on its own it has a breathing effect, but it cannot be customized using the Redgear software. the 7.1 gives an immersive experience to the user while playing games or watching movies.

    • Audio Quality: The treble is pretty good, but the bass output is lower than expected overall the sound output is good nothing much to complain about here, the 7.1 does its job exceptionally well it gives the user an immersive experience this is helpful in games like PUBG or any other fps games where situational awareness is necessary.
    • Mic Quality: The mic output is impressive the audio is loud and clear with minimal static noise and negligible ambient noise.
    • Comfort Level: it comes with an adjustable elastic headband that gives a nice and slung fit it is made up of a soft material. The ear cups are made out of soft cushion covered in PU leather which makes them quite comfortable for longer gaming sessions without breaking a sweat.
    • Build: The headphones are made out of good quality abs plastic the build quality is quite good they are flexible enough so they won’t break or bend.


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