Best Gaming Headphones Under ₹ 8,000 INR


Choosing a gaming headset is a tedious process in today’s day and age due to the plethora of options available. we have done this tedious task for you so you can go ahead and pick a suitable option under 8000INR.

Xanova Juturna-U Gaming Headset

Xanova is a sub-brand of Galax so you can be assured about the quality and reliability of these. The Xanova Juturna U comes along with a USB DAC that enhances the audio and also provides a 7.1 virtual surround sound experience. These headphones come with a plush leatherette ear cups which are really comfy and provide a snug fit resulting in some great sound isolation. The headband as well comes with a decent amount of padding. These come with a unique feature both the ear cups on either side have bass boost slider that can be used to increase or decrease the bass on the fly you can increase the bass upto 6dB with the provided switch on the go.

Now talking about the audio quality they perform really well thanks to the perfectly tuned 40mm driver and NdFeB dynamic unit the sound is pretty balanced the bass is noticeable but not too boomy and you can adjust the bass using the slider provided on the go. While using them for music you will notice how good do they actually sound you will surely be surprised. Now talking about its gaming performance it really gives out crisp and clear audio while playing a game like CSGO you can clearly hear your opponents footsteps distinctly thanks to the plush ear cups that provide great sound isolation. Talking about the provided microphone it does an excellent job in isolating all the ambient noise and giving out a loud and clear voice output.

Coolermaster MH752

The Coolermaster MH752 are built really well with high-quality plastic and it looks Premium. It has a neutral sound signature the sound output provided by it isn’t artificially boosted it’s really good for gaming or music anything you throw at it. It will perform well given the fact it is a rebrand Takstar Pro 82, a studio monitor. So no doubt, the audio will be exceptional. Rest assured to get that kill on your enemy that’s trying to sneak up behind you. Now let’s talk about the microphone. iT is pretty basic but the audio output is impressive. You get crisp and clear audio that is really natural sounding without any compression but at the cost of ambient noise. These can’t filter out the ambient noise like your keyboard strokes but none the less the output is quite good.


Steelseries Arctis 3


The SteelSeries Arctis 3 are built quite well with an all-plastic build it looks basic yet premium due to the all-plastic construction they are fairly lightweight so you won’t feel any discomfort during longer sessions of gaming. Now talking about the audio quality. The 40mm drivers provide a wide soundstage the bass is really good, the mids and highs are pretty well tuned the audio is really impressive nothing to complain about you will be able to hear everything in-game distinctly. It comes with a retractable microphone which sounds decent. The audio output has negligible ambient noise at the cost of sound quality but by no means, the microphone is bad so it gets the job done decently.


Sennheiser GSP 300

The build quality on these is pretty impressive. Though they are made out of plastic they don’t seem to be of cheap quality. They are of pretty high quality and the headphones are flexible there is no creeks or any unpleasant sound by the plastic build which as a plus point the headband comes with ample amount of padding which makes it super comfy the earcups are plush and are larger to be better suited  for larger ears and it gives a nice and snug fit and a great sound isolation which helps you zone out. This is really helpful while playing competitive and helps you to focus. The sound is really good highs and mids are pretty balanced the lows are pretty good not too overpowering. Talking about the microphone it provides great audio that is really natural no at all nasally only and does an excellent job in isolating the ambient noises.

HyperX Cloud II

The HyperX cloud IIs have a pretty solid build quality. They are built like a tank with an aluminum frame & braided cable. The ear cups are made out of memory foam & are super plush and soft they feel really comfy for a longer gaming session the headband also has an ample amount of padding. These come with a USB DAC that supports 7.1 audio right out of the box with on the fly controls no need to download any software or driver. Speaking of the audio quality it’s pretty good. The bass is on the heavier side and mids and highs are fairly balanced you won’t miss single footsteps or gunshots while using these. The provided microphone does a decent job in the noise cancellation department the audio is clear with a hint of bass in it and is louder nothing much to complain about overall a good package.


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