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Cooler Master MM710 Review – The CoolerMaster MM710 is a unique gaming mouse under 4000 INR and offers a lot more than many of its competitors. It’s lightweight (53g), ambidextrous, comes with top of the line PMW3389 sensor, Ultraweave cable which is definitely one of the best mouse cables out there and durable Omron switches. What more can you expect under 4000INR? If you are someone who prefers a lightweight ambidextrous mouse, this one is a no-brainer. However, if the shape and design or the low weight is not your cup of tea, then this might not be the mouse for you.

  • Ergonomic, ambidextrous shape
  • Not suitable for large hands or people who prefer large mice
  • PixArt PMW3389 Sensor which is one of the top tier mouse sensors
  • The Honeycomb shell design can lead to dust buildup if not taken care of.
  • Extremely lightweight at just 53g
  • Ultraweave Cable which has little to no cable drag.
  • Perfect for small/medium-sized hands
  • Pure (>95%) Polytetrafluoroethylene(PTFE) / Teflon mouse feet for a smooth glide
  • Tons of customization with CoolerMaster MasterPlus 
  • A versatile shape which allows it to be used with all the grip styles


Detailed Review


Design and Durability: From the outside, the first thing that will catch your eye, is the unique Honeycomb shell design, which allows the mouse to get such a lightweight body. While the MM710 might not be one of the most durable looking mice out there, after our usage we can assure you that the MM710 has a pretty sturdy build made out of ABS plastic and won’t break on you anytime soon. One more thing which worried me was accidental spill damage or sweat accumulation inside the mouse due to the perforated design. However, CoolerMaster has sprayed the PCB with dust and spill-resistant coating to prevent such types of damage. The buttons are of decent quality as well, have some amount of flex and wobble, but nothing deal-breaking as you won’t notice it during gaming or general usage, and no pre-travel to actuate the mouse clicks. Underneath the mouse, you are greeted with the PTFE mouse feet. In our short use, the feet looked to be pretty good both in terms of performance and durability. Also, in case they wear off, CoolerMaster has got you covered with another extra set of feet inside the box.

Shape and Grip: The MM710’s dimensions are 116.6×62.6×38.3mm (L*W*H). So, it’s a small mouse that would cater to people with Small/Medium-sized hands. This mouse is most suitable for claw and fingertip grippers. However, the mouse shape is very versatile and can be used with all types of grips, thanks to the hump at the back. If your hands are under 18cm, you should be able to palm grip it without any issues. Or, if your hands are larger than 18cm but still shorter than 21cm, then, you will have to claw/fingertip grip it. My hands are 18.5cm x 10cm and I was easily able to get a good grip on it. The mouse, being lightweight, small and having a versatile shape, is very ergonomic and can be used for long hours without any fatigue in your arms. Even though the mouse has an ambidextrous shape, the side buttons are only situated on the left side, so that might be an issue for left-handers.


Buttons: Internally, you will get OMRON switches for the left and right-click as well as the side buttons. These are supposed to last up to 20million clicks so you don’t have to worry about the durability of the switches. The switches feel pretty good, with decent clicky feedback as well. The scroll wheel has good quality rubber grooves to get a good grip on it and are neither too smooth nor too sticky. So you won’t be mistakenly scrolling it, nor will you be having difficulties while scrolling. The middle mouse button clicks just like the other buttons, offers good feedback and feels clicky. Nothing to complain about here.

Cable: The Ultraweave cable definitely has to be one of the best mouse cables ever, coming from Logitech G304 which is a wireless mouse, the experience was literally no different as there was close to negligible cable drag, which gives you feel of a wireless mouse. However, the cable is by no means flimsy, the material is flexible, yet durable. The cable is of pretty good length at 1.8m and thanks to the flexibility of the cable, it does not end up tangling like standard braided cables.

Mouse Feet: The mouse comes out of the box with Pure (>95%) Polytetrafluoroethylene / Teflon(PTFE) feet, so that you don’t have to get aftermarket feet to get a smooth, low friction glide on your mousepad. CoolerMaster has already done it for you. Not only that, as mentioned above, you also get another set of feet to replace the original ones, once they wear off.

Weight: The super lightweight is the USP of the MM710, at a mere 53g, this makes it the only lightweight mouse under Rs.4000. Being lightweight has its own share of pros and cons. However, the pros outweigh the cons by a long shot. To begin with, the low weight along with the PTFE feet allows for some really smooth and responsive mouse movements. But, some might feel its too smooth and might want to use a lower sensitivity or DPI settings to get used to the mouse initially. But, that is for any mouse which weighs very much different from your older mouse, you need time to get used to the new mouse.

Sensor: The sensor is the heart of a gaming mouse, that’s why there should be no compromise on the sensor. CoolerMaster does not cut any corners in this regard,the MM710 comes equipped with the PixArt PMW3389 sensor which is a top of the line flawless optical sensor with a tracking speed of 400IPS, a polling rate of up to 1000Hz and acceleration of 50g. The sensor is perfectly accurate and won’t spin out even while doing the fastest of flicks. So, don’t worry if your hands are fast, this is definitely faster.


The CoolerMaster MasterPlus has to be one of the best mouse software out there, simply due to the fact that it offers a load of customization. For starters, you have the option to set DPI  anywhere between 200DPI to 16,000DPI with increments of 100. Not only that, you can set different X-Axis or Y-axis DPI. You can have 7 such combinations of different X and Y axis DPI which you can toggle through with the on-the-fly DPI switch. Polling rate of 125Hz / 250Hz / 500Hz / 1000Hz can be set. Angle Snapping can be toggled and set Lift-Off distance to Low or High.

There is a setting for Angle Tunability which can be set between -30 and +30. Not only that, but you can also set a separate OS sensitivity so that you can keep your OS sensitivity different from your game sensitivity. You can also set the Button Response Time of the mouse from 4ms to 32ms, along with an OS Double Click speed which allows you to set the timeframe required to open a file/folder in OS. Also, you can add and optimize multiple surfaces and toggle between them depending on the surface you are using to get the perfect tracking.

Not only that, all the 7 buttons are programmable. You can also make your own macros and assign them to the 7 programmable buttons as per your needs. On top of all these, there is an option to switch between 5 different profiles, where each profile can have totally different mouse settings and toggle between them using the software as per your wish. Also, these profiles can be exported and imported. Furthermore, you can decide which Profile gets activated on starting a game or application. The number of options in the software totally surprised us, and, in a very good way.


Overall, this mouse is a dream come true for someone who wants a low profile, lightweight mouse, and has small to medium-sized hands. The performance is amazing due to the lightweight, the smooth, low friction PTFE feet, the flawless PMW3389 optical sensor, the Ultraweave cable and tons of customization with the MasterPlus software. There are no compromises on the build quality and the material used is light yet durable. If you have large hands or maybe Trypophobia then you might not like the mouse. If you are not any of these, we would strongly suggest you try out the CoolerMaster MM710. At a price of 3999INR, it certainly won’t break your bank, but will hopefully blow your mind.


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