Corsair M55 RGB Pro Review | Ambidextrous in a budget


Corsair M55 RGB Pro Review – The Corsair M55 Pro RGB is a gem of a mouse under Rs.3000, the number of features it offers makes it a clear recommendation in that price segment. Ergonomic, ambidextrous shape with fast and accurate PMW3327 Optical sensor, 50M rated OMRON switches along with a premium braided cable and has 2 RGB zones that are fully customizable with the Corsair iCUE software which makes it a beast of a mouse for both left and right-handed gamers. It’s an excellent choice for people who have small, medium or large-sized hands and is suitable for all grip styles.



  • Ergonomic, ambidextrous shape
  • Slightly spongy clicks
  • PMW3327 Optical sensor
  • Cables are a tad bit firm
  • Lightweight at just 86g
  • Perfect for left-handed gamers due to customizable side buttons on both sides
  • A versatile shape that allows it to be used with all the grip styles and suits most hand sizes.
  • Customizable LED indication for different DPI


Detailed Review


Design and Durability: At first glance, you will notice the perfectly symmetrical ambidextrous shape with the Corsair logo at the rear which supports 16.8M colors with the iCUE software, rubberized side grips, along with the scroll button, on-the-fly DPI switch, and DPI LED indicator (which just like the Corsair logo supports 16.8M colors using the software) and the double-sided side buttons. The M55 Pro RGB packs a PixArt PMW3327 sensor. The mouse is made of high-quality plastic which is durable and is made to last for a long time. As mentioned earlier, the M55 RGB Pro comes with OMRON switches rated for 50M clicks which offer clicky feedback and sound pretty good as well, however, they have a slight spongy feel to them when the buttons bounce back. The M55 Pro RGB will neither break, nor will break your bank. Overall the build quality is pretty good with nothing much to complain about.

Size: The Corsair M55 Pro’s dimensions are 124.4mm(L) x 57.25mm(W) x 40mm(H). It’s a Medium mouse and is more or less suitable with most hand sizes. Thanks to the hump at the back and the wide rear this mouse is suitable for all three grip styles. My hands are 18.5cm x 10cm and I was easily able to claw or palm grip it without any issues. Thanks to the perfectly symmetrical, ergonomic, ambidextrous shape the mouse can be used for long sessions without getting tired. The rubberized side grips further enhance the experience and allow to grip it even better. What makes this mouse truly unique is the presence of side buttons on either side, which is a feature lacking in most ambidextrous mice in this price range. Not only that, with the iCUE software you can choose if you want to use only the left side buttons or the right side buttons, or even both. This makes it the perfect shape for any left-handed gamer out there in this segment.


Sensor: The Corsair M55 RGB Pro packs the PMW3327 which is a great optical sensor. The DPI ranges from 200 DPI all the way to 12400 with increments of 100 using the Corsair iCUE software, about will further talk about this in the Software section, and has a polling rate of upto 1000Hz along with a tracking speed of 250IPS. In general usage and gaming, you won’t have any complaints regarding the sensor, it tracks your movements perfectly and won’t spin out even while doing fast flicks. The sensor, as we all know is one of the most important, if not the most important part of a great gaming mouse and the sensor used in this mouse is most certainly a  great one. It’s great to see that despite being so affordable there are no corners cut in terms of the sensor.

Cable: The braided cable is a pretty neat addition to the already awesome mouse, this really helps in terms of the durability. It’s 1.8m long which is more than sufficient for most setups. So, the length is probably not something which you will have to worry about. The cable is slightly towards the firmer side but nothing unacceptable and won’t really bother you most of the time. So, overall we would have preferred if the cable was a tad bit flexible.

Mouse Feet: The PTFE or Teflon mouse feet are of average quality, the glide is pretty smooth, but we are not really sure about the life of these feet. They don’t really seem to be long-lasting. However, for a product that’s so affordable and maintains great quality overall, this seems like a nitpick rather than an actual issue. Other than the durability of the mouse feet, we have no other qualms in this aspect.

Shape and Weight: The shape has to be the USP of the Corsair M55 RGB Pro, as said before, the perfectly symmetrical, ambidextrous shape with dual-sided side buttons makes it truly unique in its segment and allows it to make a strong case for itself. This along with the mere 86g of the mouse makes it truly a delight to use. Being lightweight, the mouse can be comfortably moved around and allows you to aim with precision while having speed. The shape and weight hit a perfect score in terms of balance. Neither too heavy and big nor too light and small.


Just like any other Corsair mouse, the M55 RGB Pro is fully customizable using the Corsair iCUE. Like most gaming mice, you can obviously change DPI, as mentioned before the range is between 200-12400 with steps of 100DPI. However, you can have upto 5 preset profiles each supporting 5 different DPI steps so that you can change the profile depending on the games you play. The polling rate can be set to 125Hz / 250Hz / 500Hz / 1000Hz. The mouse has 2 RGB zones, the DPI LED indicator and the Corsair logo. As mentioned before, both of them support upto 16.8M colors and can be fully customized using the software, supports different types of lighting effects along with lighting link which allows multiple Corsair devices to sync lighting effects and colors. On top of that, you can also add various macros and assign them to the 8 programmable buttons. Under the Performance tab, you get the option to adjust the Pointer speed and toggle Enhance Pointer Precision. Also, as mentioned before you can toggle the Enable All Side Buttons and the Left-handed mode


The Corsair M55 RGB Pro is undoubtedly a great ambidextrous mouse that is affordable and performs great at the same time. The mouse has a sleek design along with 2 RGB zones which really makes the mouse stand out. The sensor won’t let you lose the track and the lightweight along with the smooth PTFE feet will help you with smooth and precise aim. The build quality is good and the components are durable. The only issues or well, nitpicks we had with this were the slightly spongy clicks and the cable which is a  bit towards the firmer side. Other than those two nitpicks, this mouse offers great value for money. So if you are a left-hander and want a great gaming mouse, or even if you are a right-hander but want an ambidextrous, lightweight mouse for the ergonomics without breaking the bank, the Corsair M55 RGB Pro is a great choice for you. 


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