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Corsair HS35 Review -: A good pair of headphones is one of the most pivotal pieces of peripheral when it comes to gaming, especially competitive gaming. It helps the player to assess his surroundings well and consequently, leads to better performance and awareness in-game. Whenever we talk about a listicle of premium gaming peripherals, Corsair is one of the brands that never fails to stand out. Choosing a headset in the budget segment is a pretty tedious task, given the plethora of options available to the users. Corsair has made its entry into the budget segment with the launch of the HS35. Does it justify the price tag, and is able to outperform its competitors? Find out in our review below.

Design & Comfort

Looks and feels-wise, the Corsair HS35 has a predominantly premium and robust build quality. There is a bit of flex, but it isn’t much of a concern given the fact that it doesn’t seem like it will break any time soon. Comfort-wise, the headband has a decent amount of padding made out of memory foam and it’s covered with a breathable mesh fabric. When it comes to the material of the headband and ear-cups, it’s something which boils down to personal preference. While leatherette material might feel more comfortable initially, it tends to induce sweat and warmth. For extremely humid conditions, the fabric is the better option.

Speaking of the earcups, they are medium-sized. People with big ears might not get the best of fits while wearing it, but the ear-cups size is pretty standard so there is nothing much to complain about. Like we mentioned earlier, the earcups also come with the same memory foam & mesh combo as the headband. A notable feature is the presence of the size adjustment sliders. Made out of sturdy metal, it has a great tactile feel when you use it, something uncommon in this price segment.

The left ear cup has a port for the detachable microphone, along with the volume slider and a tactile mic mute button. Coming from HyperX’s inline media controls, the only gripe with these buttons is their positioning. However, one will eventually get used to it. These headphones fit nice and snug due to the swivel and pivot functions provided. The headphones weigh a mere 260 gm, and the light build ensures that these headphones are quite comfortable for longer gaming sessions. In our prolonged usage of the headset, we didn’t face any issues as far as comfort is concerned, to no surprise. The headset comes along with a 5.9ft cable which is more than enough even for people who use their motherboard’s I/O ports located at the backside.


The first thing one would notice as soon as they plug in the headphones is the base. While you can’t expect audiophile headphones grade performance from gaming headsets, these headphones will surely not disappoint bass heads. As far as listening to music is concerned, the treble could’ve been a bit better, however considering the price of the headset, there is nothing much to complain about. Lows and mids are really good, but highs might lack behind other headsets in the price segment. However, the lows and mids are considerably better than other headsets in the price range.

Now coming to the main aspect which is no doubt gaming, we tried these headphones with a plethora of games to better assess its capabilities. In PUBG Lite, a game where situational awareness is paramount, the headphones superseded our expectations. We could assess our surroundings very well and could hear each and every footstep very clearly. In games like Rainbow Six Siege, we could hear the faintest of sounds with ease and be able to prefire the enemies.

The microphone provided does its job pretty decently as well. With the background noise cancellation and clear voice input, it just does its job exceedingly well. In short, the headset does its job pretty well in the performance segment as well. However, out of the box, the microphone’s voice input is a tad low, so do tweak around the Audio boost settings to find the sweet spot. Be it the microphone or the sound output while listening to music or while playing games, there is nothing more we could ask for considering the headset’s price segment.


These headphones are quite impressive for the price segment they are sold at. We would highly recommend these to anyone looking for reliability and performance at a budget. With these headphones, Corsair has made its entry to the budget segment, and like always, they didn’t disappoint. From the custom-tuned 50mm neodymium drivers to the amazing noise-canceling microphone and finally the price, there is no doubt that the HS35 is the best headset in the price segment.




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