[RUMOR] GTX 1660 SUPER Variant Leaked by ASUS


Most RTX cards got “remastered” by NVIDIA to improve their performance and make them more appealing to buyers. Turing cards have been performing poorly since their launch because of their bad pricing, with people opting to buy second hand Pascal cards instead. This forced the launch of the 1660Ti and 1660, which do not have the tensor and RT cores their RTX counterparts have. According to a few promising leaks, it looks like even the Turing GTX cards would be getting their own SUPER variants.

The 1660 SUPER is an overclocked version of 1660, with memory speeds reaching up to 14 Gbps. The 1660 SUPER is also rumored to run on GDDR6 as compared to both the 1660 and 1660Ti which run on GDDR5 memory. There’s no suggestion about a release date, but the leak suggests that the 1660 SUPER might launch in the market in October-November.

Thanks, Videocardz.


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